Vltor CASV-14 (M14/M1A Rail System)

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Over six years ago, Vltor developed the Cluster Rail for the Springfield Armory for use on their M1A rifle series. Since then, Vltor has manufactured the Cluster Rail by the tens of thousands. With the demand from the M14/M1A community, Vltor has developed an improved rail system for the M14/M1A rifle series by making the rail system lighter, slimmer and more versatile for the end-user. The end result, Vltor is proud to introduce the CASV-14 rail system.

 At this time the CASV-14 comes in the highly requested “Extended Length”. The extended length version extends the top Picatinny rail all the way back to the weapon’s Stripper Clip Guide. The rail system allows the barrel to semi-free float underneath the barrel shroud. There are three secured mounting points for the CASV-14 to the M14/M1A platform; one point is to the aforementioned Stripper Clip Guide, the second being to the rear of the barrel, and the third mounting point is around the weapons Operation Rod (OpRod) Guide. From the OpRod Guide forward, the handguard chassis does not contact the barrel’s surface.

 The original Cluster Rail System developed for Springfield Armory, featured a removable Lower Handguard, mated to the upper rail assembly. The CASV-14 is strictly an upper rail system, with no means to mount a lower handguard system. The upper rail assembly fits on most M14/M1A platform, but with the exception of some “Heavy Barrel” systems; such as National Match models, M21 platforms and/or any heavy barreled system. For the CASV-14 to mount securely onto the weapons barrel, access to the OpRod guide is mandatory. In other words, the OpRod guide has to be fully exposed (front and back) for the CASV-14 to mount around the OpRod Guide.